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Gourmet Food For A Fiver – Jason Atherton

So, credit crunch, everyone’s skint, business has gone down the toilet. Eating out’s now a luxury, for some a long-gone memory. Eating gourmet food – forget it. But at least you can find the money to pay your tax bill by rummaging around for loose change in the back of the sofa. (We like to […]

Even The Italian has bad days

True, I know, it’s hard to believe. I admit, I over salted the pasta today. Disastro! The Italian

Winkles, Dixon of Dock Green and Charlton Athletic FC

Julia, who lives near the seaside in Brighton, has sent us a story about something she used to have for tea on Saturdays when she was a child, something that people just don’t eat anymore – winkles. During the summer, I went to the seaside on the Suffolk coast one Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t a […]

Hot fresh winkles

Having winkles for tea was quite usual in the fifties and sixties; they were quite plentiful then. Not so these days, a good fishmonger might have them, can’t remember the last time we saw any in a supermarket. The best way to get fresh winkles is to go out and find them yourself, search a […]

Homemade fishcakes

Homemade fishcakes are much better than shop-bought because you know what’s in them, and they’re not difficult to make yourself. They’re really tasty on a Saturday night, or any night actually. Why not increase the quantities, make more, and freeze them for another day? Serves 4 300 gms (11 oz) potatoes 100 gms (3½ oz) […]