Get baking, it’s National Baking Week

17 – 23 October

Can any smell make you feel warmer or fuzzier than the smell of cakes baking? The Italian reckons not, his treat used to be coming home from school on a Tuesday to his mum’s freshly-baked chocolate and vanilla marble cake. My mum used to do her baking on Friday afternoons. Jam-filled sponges, fairy cakes dusted with hundreds and thousands and rock cakes would be cooling on the window sill, my brother, sister and I would to have to take turns for the greatest treat ever – being allowed to lick the mixing bowl clean of the sweet buttery cake mixture.

Baking makes people happy. Home-made cakes are what family is all about. Baking is something everyone can do, regardless of age or experience. National Baking Week is about getting Britain into the
kitchen and baking. It’s about sharing your baking, your recipes and your ideas. There are events and competitions throughout the week, with a special focus on teaching baking in schools. To find out more:

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