If music be the food of love, crank up the volume

The Italian's signature spaghettata!

The Italian reckons, “To cook good food, try cooking to music. I always do, music is as important to me as food. Well, I am Italian. But you have to get the music right. I mean, unless you’re really proficient with sharp kitchen knives don’t go chopping vegetables to Rossini’s ‘William Tell Overture’. And remember, good food doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated, just use simple, good ingredients and the best ingredient of all is L-O-V-E.”

So, what music gets our big, sentimental lug’s love juices flowing?

No, not the Walrus of Lurve himself, Barry White, but the other big guy – Luciano Pavarotti. The Italian loves cooking to opera, especially when he’s cooking Italian. Natch. He’s in his element in the kitchen when the volume’s cranked up and Pavarotti’s giving it large with ‘Nessum Dorma’.

Tutto PavarottiTutto Pavarotti is his current fave CD to cook pasta to. It’s a collection of the Maestro’s best performances on one double Decca CD. You can buy it here. When it arrives, stick it on, turn it up, and see how much better your spaghetti turns out. In fact, here’s a recipe from The Italian’s Nonna (that’s Grandma for you non-Italian speakers) for you to try.

Cucina felice!

So, what music do you like cooking to? Let us know so that we can compile the definitive Lumpy Mash list of music to cook to.

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