Under pressure

Sally drives a local community bus, she sent us this little story: “One of my ladies (in her 80’s) was talking to me about how she still has her pressure cooker, it’s 30 odd years old and she still uses it regularly. Thought this might be a good topic for you… I can remember my […]

Good stuffing

Downloaded my free Countdown to Christmas Lunch ebook today, thx guys, v helpful, 3 really nice stuffings to choose from, you know how to spoil a girl!  Rosie, C ricklewood

Memories of Christmas Eve

I remember hanging out with my Mom late night on Christmas Eve (and this happened each and every year) watching “A Christmas Carol” with Alistair Sims as my Mom made her Butter Tarts and other pastries. The aromas emanating from the kitchen were fabulous! The spooky film combined with the pastry aromas and the backdrop […]