Easy Peasy

Lumpy Mash is so easy to use, that’s wonderful for someone like me. Your site should have a kitemark or whatever the equivalent is! Sarah, Leytonstone

Montreal loves Lumpy Mash

Nom nom nom! I reach for the olive oil more often than I used to, thanks to Lumpy Mash! Can’t help but wanna come over for dinner! FitVillains, Montreal

Homemade fishcakes

Homemade fishcakes are much better than shop-bought because you know what’s in them, and they’re not difficult to make yourself. They’re really tasty on a Saturday night, or any night actually. Why not increase the quantities, make more, and freeze them for another day? Serves 4 300 gms (11 oz) potatoes 100 gms (3½ oz) […]