How to Cook, Delia Smith

Compared to most celebrity chefs and cooks we see on TV, Delia Smith comes across like a domestic science teacher. But ask anyone who’s tried her recipes and they all say the same thing, Delia’s recipes are easy to follow and they always work. And while she may not cut the mustard with the pukka […]

Tarte aux Pommes Normande – Open Apple Tart

My mum’s apple pie was the perfect way to end a Sunday roast. As were her apple crumble and custard and apple sauce cake. This Elizabeth David recipe for apple tart was one she sometimes used too. Hard, sweet eating apples are best; they don’t go soft and mushy like sour English cooking apples. It’s all […]

Memories of Christmas Eve

I remember hanging out with my Mom late night on Christmas Eve (and this happened each and every year) watching “A Christmas Carol” with Alistair Sims as my Mom made her Butter Tarts and other pastries. The aromas emanating from the kitchen were fabulous! The spooky film combined with the pastry aromas and the backdrop […]