And now for something completely different, the vegetable bar

We’ve just found out about Veatable bars, we’ve never come across anything like them before. They’re chewy, baked savoury bars made with diced and roasted vegetables. Now when those mid-morning munchies kick in don’t reach for your usual sweet fix, here’s a savoury alternative to tide you over until lunch. And when the kids want […]

The perfect chutney for the New Year

It’s New Year. After the excesses of Christmas, and considering the current economic climate, it’s more than ever a time for a bit of belt-tightening. Here are some chutneys that might help with that, literally – Chilli Chutney Man’s Perfect Sweet Chutney range. Chilli Chutney Man has a bit of a reputation when it comes […]

Food shops, Green Lanes, Harringay, London

This street’s a Turkish delight Step out onto Green Lanes in Harringay and you could be forgiven for thinking you’d taken a wrong turn somewhere and wound up in a marketplace in Istanbul. The Italian and I went there one morning just as the shopkeepers were putting their fruit and veg out on display. And what […]

Algerian Coffee Stores, London (Soho)

Wake up and smell the Maragogype Elephant Beans The Italian and I stood for quite some time with our noses pressed to the window peering in at all the different samples of coffee beans and tea leaves displayed in little bowls. We marvelled at their weird and wonderful names, Guatemala Huehuetenango, Maragogype Elephant Beans and […]

Fresh fish fetish

Steve Hatt, Islington Peter writes: My mum says when I was a toddler she used to have to make a detour so that we didn’t pass the fish shop, the sight of all those lovely fish laid out on the slab would have me bawling my eyes out. By the time I was fifteen or […]