Food Stories

Stories, memories and anecdotes about food.

Going slow in Umbria

A few years ago, my old mate John invited me to spend a week at his converted farmhouse in Umbria, in Italy. While I was there I ate what was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. The farmhouse sits in the middle of some fields near Lago Trasimeno, pretty much in the […]

Wolves and wild boars

This week Peter talks about football and wild pigs, a natural match some might say. But in this case the football’s being chased up and down a pitch in the West Midlands, while the wild pig we’re talking about is a wild boar being chased through forest near the Caspian Sea. Good news for anyone […]

Potato Pancake Mountain

When I was small I couldn’t pronounce the words ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandpa’, the best I could manage was Mama and Ba. This is how my grandparents came to be called Mama and Ba by everybody. Mama cooked wonderfully, but her speciality was potato pancakes. Nobody else in the family has ever been able to make […]

Who’s murdered my curry?

I’ve just been reading, with some amusement, that flock wallpaper is all the rage again. Well, I say again, it never really was before, not in people’s homes.  The only place you’d find it would be on the walls of Indian restaurants. In fact, in the 70s every Indian restaurant you went to had its […]

Raised on goulash and gherkins

I’ve always liked food, all sorts of food. From an early age I was eating all kinds of interesting stuff, considering what the norm was at the time. I’ve got my mum to thank for that. In our house the kitchen was the hub, the room that everyone gravitated towards. It was warm and welcoming, […]