Mama Schneider’s potato pancakes

They were always a big favourite. Mama always made heaps of them, literally, served on their own, we ate them sprinkled with salt. But they also go well with tasty, meaty Bratwurst sausages, or if you can’t get them, a good Cumberland sausage.

For 4
3 – 4 good sized potatoes (my grandmother always used King Edwards)
1 medium sized onion
1 egg
tablespoon flour
salt to taste
vegetable oil for cooking

Grate the potatoes and onions using a medium grater, you want a fine grated mush rather than slivers. After grating, drain well in a fine sieve, squeezing gently to remove most of the water. The mixture may discolour but that can’t be helped.

Put in a bowl with the egg, flour and salt. Mix well.
Add oil to a heavy frying pan, you want this quite hot.
Take a tablespoon of the mix per pancake, drop into the hot oil, patting the pancake flat with a spatula, the thickness of a finger is about right.
Cook until crisp and golden.

My grandmother would pile the pancakes high on a plate as she cooked, which meant some of them had lost their crispness by the time we got to eat them, but we liked them that way.

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