We want you to chip in

Got a good food memory, all those tastes and smells that remind you of a particular occasion or place? Share your story on Lumpy Mash.

For example, one of Peter’s earliest memories is the smell of coffee beans roasting, it takes him right back to a street in north London when he was a toddler. Fresh eggs remind The Italian of zabaglione for breakfast on his grandmother’s farm. Your stories could be about food you ate as a kid, like your mum’s corned beef hash. That fantastic lasagne you made for your mates and all the wine you got through that night. Your first oyster. Or the first meal you gave your mother-in-law. Maybe it was that backstreet restaurant on holiday in Greece, and the rude waiter with the wonky eye. Family Sunday lunches, student days when money was short and you had to choose between eating or going down the pub, eating weird things in strange places, special shops that sell foodstuffs you can’t get elsewhere…the possibilities are endless.

Writing your story, if you want we can help

It doesn’t really matter how well or not you can write, if you’ve got a great story we want to hear it. Don’t worry about how much you write, how it’s spelt or whether the grammar’s correct. If you’ve got an interesting or amusing story but writing isn’t your thing, send us the bare bones, the gist of the story, and we’ll write it up for you.

Recipes, photos and videos

And if there’s a recipe to go with the story, send that too. And photos, they’ll brighten up the site. And your story doesn’t have to be a written one. If you’ve made a video that tells your story, send it and we’ll post it.

How to send your story

Just fill in the form below with your name and contact details. (We ask for contact details because sometimes we might need more details about your story.) Submit your story, click ‘Send’.

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