Smoother than Budino di Cioccolato

Peter says, “My perfect Sunday? Invite some friends over for lunch. Prepare enough food to feed an army. Eat our way through the day. We’ll plough our way through umpteen courses, open a few bottles, eating and drinking throughout the afternoon and well into the evening. Interspersed with lively debate. My good friends, by now well fed and more often than not well oiled too, then stagger out into the night just in time to catch the last Tube home.

Music always plays a major part in these occasions, with the old vinyl being slapped on the turntable in response to someone saying, “Right now I’d love to listen to…” or “…I haven’t heard such and such in ages”.

And so we’ll take a musical journey travelling starting with, for example, some Chicago blues, then onto some delicious early 60s soul, upping the tempo with a bit of rock, a bit of a diversion to Nigeria for some Afrobeat and then maybe winding up with cheese and port or coffee and Armagnac and some very cool Miles Davis, Art Blakey or my personal favourite, Chet Baker.

Chet Baker Sings is a sublime album; there are days when I play it over and over. If you haven’t got a copy, treat yourself to one as soon as you can. Because you’re worth it. It’s like audio velvet and slips down smoother than a sweet spoonful of  budino di ciaccolato”.

Which funnily enough, we have a recipe for, right here.

Oh, and here’s a clip of Chet Baker singing, enjoy.

My Funny Valentine, Chet Baker

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