St Edmunds Real Beer and Food Festival at Greene King

Sat 21 / Sun 22 May, Greene King Brewery Gardens, Westgate St, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

The picturesque Suffolk town of Bury St Edmunds plays host to the two-day long
foodie spectacular, taking place in Greene King’s Brewery Gardens on Saturday
21st and Sunday 22nd May. Visitors can browse the stalls, sample the ware,
learn the art of food preparation and take part in tutored tastings. Entry: £3

Among the culinary delights on offer will be locally produced sausages, cheese, beef, oysters, cakes, jam, chutney, whisky, cyder, ice cream, fudge – and of course, the finest real ales in the world! There will be opportunities to sample as well as to buy and you can relax in the gardens listening to live music or book yourself on to a tutored tasting or beer master class event. Everyone is welcome, including famil ies.

Tutored Beer Tastings: £2.50 per half hour session (Saturday 11am, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm & 5pm and Sunday 11am, 2pm 3pm & 4pm)

Join Greene King head brewer John Bexon and renowned beer writer and broadcaster Melissa Cole for this fun half hour session. Learn a bit about the art of brewing; whisk your way through the ingredients;
and discover how the real experts test and taste their beer. A chance to sample some award-winning ales with top “celebs” of the beer industry.

Whisky and Beer Tasting (Saturday and Sunday 12 noon)

A fantastic chance to accompany Greene King head brewer John Bexon and The English Whisky Company distiller David Fitt on a journey into the artisan skills of brewing and distilling – using the same,
very best quality barley from the fertile soils of East Anglia.

Girls’ Guide to Real Beer (Saturday and Sunday 1pm)

A women-only session. Whether or not beer is your usual choice of drink, join Greene King’s chief beer taster Susan Chisholm and renowned beer writer and broadcaster Melissa Cole for a “beer’s not only for boys” tasting session, where the delicious flavours of fresh, natural cask ale will be explored alongside some of the fantastic foodie tastes from the Festival.

Beer Tasting Masterclasses: £12 per hour and a half session (Saturday and Sunday 11am and 2pm)

A rare opportunity to be guided through ale by true experts in the hallowed sample room right in the heart of the historic brewery. The Masterclasses, run by the chief beer taster or senior brewer, will teach you the vocabulary of the tasters and will include blind-tasting; the identification of flavours in fresh, natural cask ale as well as the opportunity to sample beer straight from the brewhouse and in perfect


The Masterclasses are ideal for connoisseurs who already know about beer and want to find out more, and perfect for novices who take a real interest in the background to beer. They would even be of interest to those whose normal choice of drink would be wine! Join us if you like to learn and love quality food and drink from the region.

More info and details of booking tickets for tasting sessions:

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