Kaha-Buth – Yellow Rice

This is an important festive dish of Sri Lanka. It’s tinted with saffron, cooked in coconut milk and tends to be generously garnished. The following is one example, there are many others, every cook uses their own spices and quantities. 

Honeycomb Toffee aka Cinder Toffee

Mum used to make this for Bonfire Night, she called it Cinder Toffee because it has an aerated texture like cinder breeze block. You’ll need a sugar thermometer. 225g (8oz) sugar Small pinch cream of tartar 1 tablespoon golden spoon 70ml (2½ fl oz) cold water ¼ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1 teaspoon warm water […]

Roast spud heaven

Take one bag of Maris Piper spuds, peel, chop chunky-style and boil for ten minutes. Into hot baking tray with goose fat and plenty of salt, roast for about 90 minutes at 175 degrees, turning once or twice and voila – heart attack heaven. David Meikle, Twickenham

Homemade fishcakes

Homemade fishcakes are much better than shop-bought because you know what’s in them, and they’re not difficult to make yourself. They’re really tasty on a Saturday night, or any night actually. Why not increase the quantities, make more, and freeze them for another day? Serves 4 300 gms (11 oz) potatoes 100 gms (3½ oz) […]

Uni days, creative baked beans and instant mash

When I left home to go to uni I hadn’t the foggiest about how to cook, not fresh food anyway. Dinner was usually Cadbury’s Smash instant mash potato with a heated up tin of Heinz beans, the one with little pork sausages in it. Sometimes I splashed out on a Vesta boil in the bag […]