Tesco’s ‘medallion’ steak? My rump it is.

Tesco’s meat ain’t good, and neither is their customer service. I bought a pack of their ‘medallion steaks’ this week. Medallion my rump. This was low grade stuff. The two steaks in the pack looked lean, and I really fancied a nice piece of steak for dinner. The first steak looked good but when cooked was as tough as old boots, really chewy and nasty. The second gave me a bit of a shock when I turned it over, underneath it was just a thick layer of muscle. By the time I’d cut that away there wasn’t a lot of meat left. And this steak was even tougher and chewier than the first one. This was meat that was meant for casseroling, not shallow frying as the packaging suggested. Awful. So I went to Tesco’s website to complain – the ‘customer query’ form required my email address, home phone number, mobile number and hat size before I could submit it. I don’t know about you, but when I think about handing all that information, (actually, to be fair, I invented the bit about the hat size), over to an organisation like Tesco I don’t get a good feeling, so I didn’t. Instead I shall broadcast this message on social media…


  1. You must cook it well done then. But for £3.99 for two, what did you expect?

    It’s good value.

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